New black belts in the house!!

We’re still buzzing from yesterday, Patrick Zimmermann and Carly Hall receiving their black belts from head coach Steve in the presence of our Head coach Marco Canha and Master Rico Vieira. Many wont understand the years of dedication, commitment, set backs and resilience it takes to get to this point. The friendships and sacrifices you make along the way. Just years and years of showing up, and always pushing yourself forward with a willingness to learn from anyone around you who has something to teach. Now your journey as BJJ black belts begin.

Also massive congratulations to Connor Duffy, Alan Burrows and Mark Nimmo for their promotion to brown belt; Gurd Shergill being promoted to purple belt; Daniel Whitehead, Craig Graddon and Rinchin being promoted to Blue belt and we saevd the best for last……..our little killer Courtney being promoted to Yellow and white stripe Belt.

Enjoy guys you deserve it



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